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Donkeys & Ostriches, Tea & Fruits, Cosmetics & Fashion
Donkey Therapy & Burnout Prophylaxis, Sports & Courses

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La Granja Esavas

Remembering our roots, we said stop, let’s take the other way of the junction. Start with doing something different, somewhere else.

So we had a long time of thoughts showering behind us, what do we want, what do we need, how can we get the things we really need for life?

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La Granja EsAvAs

Back to the roots

The Granja Esavas will also offer you a good vacation feeling.

Where's the best place to get homegrown & homemade stuff?

At the Granja EsAvAs. Our Farm will serve you with homegrown food. Fresh vegetables and fruits. Homemade fashion from ostrich feathers.

Spend your vacation at our farm or be a volunteer and be part of our small team.

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La Granja EsAvAs

Donkey Therapy
Thu, 7 May 2015

Donkey Therapy

"How sweet!" Calls a visitor, walks towards the young donkey and caressing the thick soft fur of his forehead. She...

Herbs & Spices
Tue, 7 April 2015

Herbs & Spices

Gently and carefully plucks Gabriela lavender and other herbs from the beds in her garden. The small bouquet of lavender...

Mon, 9 March 2015


In the world of beauty, donkey's milk is a source of youth known for millennia, and that we rediscover gradually...

Mon, 11 August 2014


They lay colossal eggs (weighing up to 2 kilos and 25 cm long, diameter 15 cm), are native to Africa...

Mon, 7 July 2014


Whether cosmetics or skin care. Relief with suffering. The biological and natural components of natural ingredients of donkey milk and...

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La Granja Esavas offers

Donkey therapy, breeding, riding & cosmetics from milk
Breeding, riding, feathers, eggs, meat
Breeding, eggs, meat
Burnout, therapy, sports
Vegetables & Fruits
Different and local kind
Herbs & Spices
Special teas, fat burner, for cooking
Fashion & Art
Guest rooms
Vacation, volunteer
Our Shop (Coming soon)

Open daily
Sunrise - Sunset


Somewhere in Spain


tel. +43 660 625 3739

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