“Life is a challenge, meet it.”
Mother Teresa

To date, work rules our lives. Work till you drop. Even up to burnout. Other health impairments not observed.

On the daily hunt for the notorious perfectionism, recognition, success and last but not least, the money, went many beautiful and valuable moment in our life (almost) without trace past us.

Does all this make sense? What makes us different from the other "ants" of the system?

Nothing! We can afford much. Have x TV, mobile devices, cars, and, and, and.
Does it that really all need to live a happy, fulfilled life?
We don’t think so.
And that is why we, Gabriela and Hermann, have decided to change our way of life, our work.

Working in nature. Working with Nature. Working with people - children and adults. Giving people with disabilities a save harbor where they can get in touch with nature. Help with animal assisted therapy (AAT) - working on their diseases. Calm down from stress and burnout. Get the power for a better life.
Away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

So: back to the roots. Working for which it is worth to sweat. Early in the morning. Late to bed.
But to have done decent with the satisfaction of some real, honest and natural.

We bring already many conditions with us. We need to learn much. We are ready. We have thus begun.

And we will have it: La Granja Esavas! Our little farm, our center in Spain. Away from the tourist flooded areas, but close enough to reach us and to offer our products there on markets and companies. Even on the internet, our online store, we will offer our products.
And of course, directly at our farm.

La Granja Esavas, a place of naturalness. A place of a family. For families.
Adventure playground for children. And adults.
Animals up close. See, understand and feed. Learn about them or get just more information.
Explore the surrounding countryside on their backs.

La Granja Esavas, to make this project a reality, we need your support.
We have launched a fundraising campaign at Indiegogo.com. There you will find different ways to support us.
From 1 € to larger packs, any contribution is welcome. Brings us a step closer to have put our plan into action.
We are always available for you through our contact form. We promptly try to answer your questions. Or any suggestions, reviews or opinions.

Something about us:
Gabriela, a nurse with diploma and with additional certificates in wound management and management for healthcare facilities, is currently engaged in a social and care center.
The daily contact, taking care of the residents, as well as coordination of staff and peers make fun at one hand, but on the other hand it is very exhausting and tugging on the substance.
The compensation she culls at work in your own garden. Under their watching eyes grow herbs and fruit. What then provide further consequence in the dried state in a variety of teas for well-being and easement.
But she doesn’t want to be called an "herb witch". Nevertheless something of White Magic might be there.
When it comes to creativity and craftsmanship she is also always on the spot and a valuable addition for every project.

Hermann, qualified IT technicians, with qualifications in various fields, currently he is working as an employee in the branch of marketing automation and serves global companies in the B2B and B2C market.
An exciting but also very demanding work, but with the support of colleagues is to master this.
As a certified burnout prevention trainer, he knows the importance of balance it. Tries and motivate its environment positively.
Is there something to do in the yard and house, whether to repair something or to make/create something new, it succeeds by his technical ability.
Whether plumbing, heating or electrical installation or to built something unusual in the garden. From carpenter to building a tiled stove. Everything is possible.
"You can only have a say about something, if you did it yourself."
Worked in agriculture. On the field and in the stable. Calves brought to the world. Pigs slaughtered. Woodwork in the woods. Know how and where life goes.
Knowledge that no one can take away.

Together we are doing geocaching. Go for a walk with our dogs. Looking forward to be visited by our children, family and friends.
This is also the reason why we do not want to sell our house: our two children to keep / get a place which reminds them of the family. And where we will be happy to visit them later on.

Right now we are learning the Spanish language. But we also understand the following languages: German, English, Slovak, Czech, Polish and some Croatian and Russian.
So we can also communicate with above languages if you reach us with our contact form.

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