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Whether cosmetics or skin care. Relief with suffering. The biological and natural components of natural ingredients of donkey milk and ostrich oil (fat) from own production bring back quality of life.

Donkey Milk  |  Ostrich Oil

Donkey Milk

Cosmetics and skin care of real donkey milk also are today still the pure luxury. Since the valuable serum of the donkey milk belongs to the most popular natural products of the world.

The fact that the donkey milk is relatively expensive, above all also lies with the fact that there are only few donkeys in Europe anymore. The times in that this donkey as a useful domestic animal to the horse riding and loads carry served, is over for a long time.

Since millenniums donkey milk for the person is a luxurious symbol of natural beauty, skin care and cosmetics.

Donkey milk a melodious name with which everybody immediately thinks of the myth Cleopatra. To maintain a wonderful and successful woman, in a bath of donkey milk and honey her beauty and preserve tried.

By her a lot of praised beauty and charming youthfulness Egyptian Cleopatra should have impressed the Roman emperor "Gaius Julius Caesar" and after his deaths the consul and actual autocrat in Rome "Marcus Antonius" and have enchanted.

The milk production often to pedigree donkeys limits. However, these donkeys deliver mostly only one small quantity in donkey milk.

If one compares the milk of different animal species and their use in former time with each other, one can say that the milk of the sheep, the cow as well as the goat was used with pleasure for the production of cheese among other things and becomes even today. Mare's milk, however, with her high content of sugar was fermented to an easily alcoholic beverage, the so-called Kumyss. During that one mixed the donkey milk with the bath as a cosmetics and addition. Particularly the empires and aristocrats which were anxious very much of your beauty and skin care used them in the 19th century even as a proper bath.

Not only for the beauty, donkey milk is very similar to the human mother's milk, her antibodies help in the construction and the strengthening of the immune system. Hence, particularly with ill babies and young children, the donkey milk has been often a true lifesaver. Also with milk allergy donkey milk is often acceptable furthermore.

Today donkey milk is also used in remedial treatments for skin illnesses and allergies.

The very low-fat, high vitamin donkey milk free of bacterium helps, e. g. in asthma and bronchitis.

We want here to focus on biological products as body-cream and facial-cream (also as a milk), soaps (nature or with stimulating herbs) as well as sweets / chocolate.

Ostrich oil (fat)

Our ostrich fat and oil find not only her place in our care and cosmetics products, as for example facial-cream, bath oils, lotions, shampoos and balm, but also in the use to the relief of various sufferings.

In the African, Australian and American folk medicine the fat of the ostrich has been tested with skin illnesses and skin injuries successfully and has been used.

The ostrich fat is cleaned and bottled in ointment jugs. With 30 degrees centigrade the fat liquefies to oil. It causes a strong relief with the most different skin sufferings (dry eczemas with itch, rheumatism and, e. g. skin lesions).

It has appeared that the ostrich fat leads with all kinds of sports injuries as for example muscle strains, bruises, sprains up to 50% of quicker recovery. Therefore, it is also used often in the professional sport and is recommended.

Ostrich fat does not block the pores of the skin, but deeply penetrates into the skin layers.

The fat is used to the support of the recovery for all kinds of combustion, including sunburn or burns of 1st or 2nd degree. It relieves pains and reduces bladder and scarring considerably. By the anti-inflammatory effect from ostrich fat the skin regenerates and recovers much faster again.

What is so particularly in the ostrich fat?

It contains a high portion of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega – 3 and omega – 6, which are jointly responsible for the regeneration of the skin cells. The fat has the unique ability to penetrate deeply into all skin layers. It feeds the skin and adjusts his humidity. All this is necessary to receive the skin young, vital and nicely. Ostrich fat is recommended for dry, sensitive or creased skin. The older we become, the more thinly and more creased becomes the skin. In the exploration of ostrich fat one has discovered that it can thicken the skin to the 2 1/2 times, which greatly counteracts the formation of wrinkles.

Also for the people who want to use no artificially made products, natural ostrich fat is the ideal solution. In contrast to conventional skin care products.

The ostrich is considered by scientists to be a very unusual bird, because he lives in a climate of 40 degrees Celsius in the outback, despite his 20 pounds of fat, which he carries around with him.

The ostrich and the emu use this fat to be able to recover of every kind itself from wounds what makes these animals unique.

Application method of ostrich fat:

  • a soothing remedy for skin suffering
  • a skin and suntan lotion
  • a liniment with burns and arthritis
  • a skin moisturizer
  • Support of wound closure ( even with open wounds )
  • Reduces the formation of scar tissue
  • maintains and calms swollen wounds after operations

Further the use is recommended with:

  • Psoriasis
  • Eczemas
  • Warts
  • Sports injuries
  • Burns
  • wounds
  • insect bites
  • joint diseases
  • Sunburn
  • Haemorrhoids
  • wrinkled skin
  • Dry and Sensitive Skin


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