Donkey Provide Animal Assisted Therapy and Improves Communication Skills

Donkey Provide Animal Assisted Therapy and Improves Communication Skills

Donkey Therapy

Spain, La Granja Esavas, a place where donkeys will bring back the smile, happiness and wellbeing too, but not only for children and adults with any kind of disabilities. Animal assisted therapy (AAT) promotes therapeutic benefits for nearly all kind of handicaps.

This centre, a Finca based in Spain, is a place for everyone who likes to be in nature and loves animals. Nestled between gentle rolling hills, La Granja Esavas is a self-sustaining farm which offers a wide range of services for people with disabilities.

Their donkey therapy, an animal assisted therapy, will be partly unique to their clients. Not only for children and adults with ADHD and PTSD, also donkey therapy promotes the therapeutic benefits for physically, mentally and intellectually disabled patients. It improves communication skills and low self-esteem, and reduces feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.

Donkeys have the ability to balance and calm anxious, agitated emotions through gentle interaction. They bring mental and emotional calm to physically or psychologically distressed people.

La Granja Esavas offers a service that works with the individual to assess their needs; from simply meeting the donkeys and grooming them, talking to them and befriending them to venturing out to places they may otherwise not be able to access. The use of special designed therapy saddles and carts for wheelchairs grants access to nearly every spot.

As an additional service, La Granja Esavas offers “Team Building with Animal” courses.
Therein lies the challenge and the fun! If you thought other people were challenging to work with well the professional team guarantees you will be working with both sides of the brain to figure out how to make these animals do what you would like them to do! If you thought alpacas, goats and a donkey were enough of a challenge – later on they will be starting with chickens. Come on and loosen up while the animals teach you a thing or two!

Learn more about natural/wild herbs and spices. Grown in a healthy environment without pesticides and fertilizer. The Farm even use clear energetic and clean water from own wells. Courses on the fields will show the participants how to seed, plant and work with them. Create own tea blends for health and wellness, make differently spiced salt and oil.
Ostriches and poultry breeding brings an additional adventure for their visitors and clients.
La Granja Esavas’ second target is to offer best and healthy food from their farm.

“We want to give back and help people with what we have received during our huge life experience!” Gabriela and Hermann tells, founder of La Granja Esavas.

The mission started mid of May 2015. Planned opening summer/autumn 2016.
This project is in funding stage right now and appreciates your support.
Please visit and donate at

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