Herbs & Spices

Herbs & Spices

Herbs & Spices

Gently and carefully plucks Gabriela lavender and other herbs from the beds in her garden. The small bouquet of lavender is dried and unfolds later as a tea its healing effect.

"What is against nature, has no existence in the long run. "
Charles Darwin

"One teaspoon, about two grams, dry lavender flowers on a glass of hot water gives a tea with therapeutic effect: it expels headaches and nervous palpitations, calms and helps you fall asleep," said the herbalist.

Tea & HerbsHer knowledge about the preparation of tea from herbs, Gabriela is sharing during small seminars and excursions by field and garden. She provides to layman the knowledge about the curative or balmy effect from remedial plants and herbs.

Everybody is able to prepare teas if he knows the plants in addition. With our courses and seminars we offer instructions and knowledge to the herbal collecting or herbal plants in the garden or in the free nature at La Granja Esavas.

What gives to pay attention to it?

Nevertheless, with the preparation of tea from self-collected herbs and plants one should absolutely follow some rules. Presupposition is that one picks only plants with which one is sure that there is no mistake possibility.

Basically all herbal plants are suited for the preparation of tea. At last it is a question of the taste and the ingredients of the herbs which one would like to use.

To the most important rules with the herbs collect counts that in the affected region no chemicals have been brought in the ground. Blossoming meadows and natural surfaces far away from towns, highways and agriculture surfaces are suitable for the collecting of the plants.

If one comes then with a basket more fully of accumulated plants home, these should be dried rather fast in a dry, well aired place.
Importantly: Herbs may be never dried in the sun!
Later one keeps the dry herbs in an airtight vessel. The vessel should be kept in a dark cupboard. To avoid later mistakes, the vessels should be marked immediately after it’s filled.

Natural and biological

Herbs & Blossoms & OlivesOn the herbal fields and the gardens of the La Granja Esavas no pesticides and industrial fertilizers are used.
We leave the growth process to the nature, fertilise with compost, made from herbal rubbish and the dung of our animals, where inevitably, leave the work of the vermin settlement to insects and water with energetic water from our wells.
Our bees contribute to the sure pollination of all plants and trees on our Finca.

So grow according to season and climatological relations the most different, especially intensely active, nice smelling and traditional herbs and spices.

Not only plants which we will know commonly as herbs to the production of our teas applies. There is still a lot in blossoms, berries and leaves of shrubs and trees.
Surprise yourselves what is possible, excellently smells and tastes, and a wholesome effect floods body and mind.

Seminars and courses

Lavender at the fieldsIn small groups, 5 to 8 people, we organize seminars on herbal and plant knowledge, their cultivation and reproduction, as well as the further processing into a variety of products such as teas, ointments and creams, salts and oils.

Directly on the fields and in the gardens we will pick and collect. Under shady pines the products will be made.
Of course you can take your home-made products back home.

On our website you can check on upcoming seminars and order our products in the shop.

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